Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reaction Essay~ MARRIAGE: Valid for 10 Years?

Marriage is a social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kingship. It is uniquely beneficial to society because it is the foundation of the family and the basic building block of society. To Catholics, marriage is a sacrament and ordained by God. A man and a woman bond as one in a holy matrimony and the Church is the witness of the union. But, what's with the marriage contract expiration? How can we maintain the essential of the marriage, if it is only valid for ten years?

The marriage expiration contract is not really the absolute solution of what the country confronted now. It will only cause disaster in our society and the essence of marriage will be lost and fade away just like a dust that blown by the wind. People will overlook it as a game and they will never take it seriously and continue to play with it. I know this a modern time but still, we should care about the tradition and value of marriage. Besides, it will imperil the integrity of the ties that bind the Philippine Society. It is like a food that reaches its expiry date and someone will throw them up. Not to mention, it will only cost how much the government needed. They are like making business out of it. People are well attentive of this term that entering into marriage is a decision and there will be lots of consequences for them to face up. The vows of the couples have exchanged should be respected and never impart an expiration to marriage.

Women will be greatly affected of this kind of proposal. There will be lots of violence in this proposal contract because men will only disregard the essence of marriage. They will set games over the relationship because they know that they can marry whoever they want after ten years and it can only bring massive population in the country. Moreover, women tend to be emotional when it comes to relationship problems.

The proposal can lead the children to emotional trauma when the parents separate after ten years. It can take them to confusion and rebellion. The children are the one who really suffer and affected in this kind of proposal. It will be so hard for the parents to explain about the separation to their kids but it will be harder for the children to accept it.

Marriage expiration should not be adopted because it can cause disaster, it will ruin the essence of marriage, it will cost lots of money to renew the marriage, it can cause massive population to the Philippines, it can cause aggression especially to the battered women, and it can lead the children to emotional trauma. A wise man, Barnett R. Brickner, once said, "Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate."


  1. You're right Klyah, It doesn't have good impact in our society.

    The children might only suffer with that proposal.

    Please comment back ^^,

  2. me, neither.. I greatly disagree with that new legislation ..as far as I am concern, people commit marriage because they totally love each other and not just a love for 10years. so that they can make it expire..? with that, love couldn't become vital..the essence of which becomes worthless .
    love has no limit time. it is endless and a love to a person is eternal.


  3. hi klyah!!!
    yes, you're really right we girls are usually more affected on it because I do believe that we are more emotional than boys and on for that kind of proposal boys will just take for granted the marriage that each of the couple enjoyed. Marriage is holy and it is not only in the written contract it is blessed and honored of God.

  4. You're right klyah!!! this kind of proposal should not be implement in our country because we Filipino honored and respect marriage. God also holy this marriage.

  5. hahaha.. our filipino teacher told us about this. are they insane??marriage expiration??it's such a big shame in the face of God.. marriage is a sacred sacrament and its for a lifetime.. pft!

  6. Exactly Kylah..!!!

    There are so many people who get married and even though they may understand what they are doing, they really cannot comprehend the reality of being on the other side of a legally binding, in your face, marriage contract, whereby the only way to get out of it is to have to go through the legal system now. It might be easier and cheaper than divorce but it is not the solution. Those may be beneficial to estranged couples but their children would be the one to suffer the most.

  7. How can you say that we, guys, will tend to play the feelings of girls and use the matrimony to play with your emotion? Not all guys are like that. Let's take a look to the serious husband.
    If marriage has an expiration, it is not only the man can play his partner's emotion but the woman too.
    Expiration of marriage tends to humiliate all the mankind.

  8. yeah! kly your absolutely right. I do really disagree with that proposal because marriage is very sacramental it doesn't need any expiration. Marriage expiration will just ruin a family kids will be most affected.